Close-up on model wearing a Compression Knit Sports Bra in black.

Womens Game Wear


      PB5star Women's Pickleball Apparel: Comfort, Style, and Performance

      Welcome to PB5star's Women's Collection, where each piece is crafted for the avid pickleball player. Our range features Women's Pickleball Shirts, Shorts, Skirts, Socks, and Hats, designed not just to meet but exceed your expectations on the court. Blending high-performance materials with the latest in style, our apparel ensures you stay comfortable, agile, and fashionable. From moisture-wicking tops to flexible bottoms, and from supportive socks to stylish hats, each item is tailored to boost your performance and confidence. Embrace the PB5star spirit and bring your best game in apparel made for the dynamic female player.